Linen Stitch Slouchy Beanie

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In my previous post, I was chatting about all the Christmas gift-giving plans, it is officially Christmas Crunch time and I love it! Most of these gifts were going to be hats because of the speed with which they could be made, and I have several members of the family ask for new hats, Hooray! Of course, I could not just do an established pattern with my dk weight yarn, something like the Skipton Hat but for some reason I felt the linen stitch calling to me.

I found two wonderful tutorials on youtube about the linen stitch (sometimes called moss stitch or granite stitch) but these were using a chunkier yarn and hook than what I wanted to use. So armed with a hook, yarn, and a vague idea I set about to making my hat a reality.

Made using Littlebean loves yarn in the His Mothers Eyes Colorway


Without further ado, let me walk you through this very simple and fun hat recipe. If you prefer a video tutorial click here


1 ball/skein of dk weight yarn – I used Littlebean loves yarn dk weight base (100% Superwash Merino in the His Mothers Eyes Colorway. After making the hat and the pom pom I had 20 g left over.

3.5mm hook for the brim

4mm hook for hat body

darning needle



hdc – half double crocher

sc – single crocher

ch – chain


Hat is designed to fit a standard adult head. 21.5″ when done in dk weight yarn.

The original version was made in dk weight wool yarn, in this tutorial, I used a Caron Cupcakes in the Pistachio cup colorway and although the yarn weight does say light, I found that the stitches were tighter and it made for a slightly stiffer hat.

The hat is worked from the rib to the crown decreases and uses basic stitches such as hdc, and sc. The rib is worked flat and then joined in the round.

The main body of the hat uses the linen stitch, for a detailed tutorial press here 

Invisible sc decrease. Detail Tutorial here Invisible decrease by happy berry crochet


1.Using the 3.5mm hook, foundation hdc 10 stitches. Ch 2, turn

Step 1

Row 2 – Skip the first stitch (the ch 2 counts as the first stitch) HDC in the back loop of each stitch across. Ch 2, turn. Repeat this step until your piece measures 20 in, for me this was 60 rows.

IMG_4208 2

3. Fold your work in half so that the two ends are meeting.


4. Join with a Slip stitch into the back loops of each stitch across.

we will use this loop to chain 1 and begin working our linen stitch


Round 1 – To work the body of the hat we will switch to the 4mm hook and begin working our linen stitch on the rows of hdc. We will place 1 stitch on each row for a total of 60 stitches across.

To work the linen stitch begin by ch 1 and in the same space do a sc and a ch 1. Continue in this manner (sc ch1 all the way around. Place a stitch marker into the last ch1 space of the round.
1 linen stitch into each row across.


Hat body in Progress
Work linen stitch in a continuous round (no joining, no chaining 1). Remember that for linen stitch the sc is worked into the ch 1 space from the row below.

Round 2 – 22  Continue working linen stitch in the round until the body of the hat measures 6 in, for a slouchier hat I would go up to 7 in. In order to reach the 6 in I completed 22 rounds of linen stitch.

IMG_6666 2


Once we are done crocheting the body of the hat we will begin our crown decreases.

Round 23 – 1 sc in each chain space all the way around (60 stitches).

Round 24 – 1 sc in each sc across.

Round 25 – 1 sc in each of the next 8 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, Repeat around.

Round 26 – 1 sc in each of the next 7 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, repeat around.

Round 27 – 1 sc in each of the next 6 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, repeat around.

Round 28 – 1 sc in each of the next 5 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, repeat around.

Round 29- 1 sc in each of the next 4 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, repeat around.

Round 30 – 1 sc in each of the next 3 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, repeat around.

Round 31 – 1 sc in each of the next 2 sc, invisible decrease over the next two sc, repeat around.

Round 32 – 34 / invisible decrease all around until the gap at the top of the hat is small enough to close without stretching the stitches.


Leave a long tail to close the gap and weave in the ends.

Optional, include a pom pom!

YAY!!! WE HAVE FINISHED A HAT! Wrap it up and gift it or wear it!



6 thoughts on “Linen Stitch Slouchy Hat

  1. Hi, that’s a really cute hat! I think I will be making one as I have some nice pretty yarn I want to make a hat with – the Skipton hat was actually a major contender but think I’ll do this instead. I have a knitted hat to finish first, so I’ll be a little while before I start but I really like the look of the linen stitch which I think will suite my yarn well. It looks very warm and cosy which is just what I am looking for. I saw your first hat on Instagram a couple of days ago but I think the new stripey one is my favourite. Loving the pom poms.

    Thanks for writing up the pattern here, I really appreciate it. I always love seeing the sweaters you make as I think they really suit you. Thanks for your podcast too, I was watching just last night. Best of luck for your continued success in your shop venture!

    1. Hello,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I really wanted to make the skipton hat with the first yarn but I was trying to come up with a hat for my brother and he does not do slouchy, but by adding the pom pom it is automatically not a hat for my brother :D.

      Thank you for your encouraging comment!


  2. I really like your hat pattern. Thank you for writing it up! I am working on it now and I ended up with 74 rows to get to the 20 inches for the brim. I thought I would compensate by beginning the body of the hat with 74 stitches, but as I’m on the 5th row, it seems the body stitches are much tighter and my hat is already angling inward rather than straight up, or even outward a bit. Any advise for this novice crocheter? (I am using the two different hook sizes.)

    1. I would say that your gauge might be too tight for the hooks recommend. What yarn are you using? Is there a recommended hook size?
      I would definitely recommend trying on as you go and going up to a 4.5 if the hat feels too small. Yarn also affects the slouch. The dk hand dyed wool version came out smaller than the caron cakes one. If you have any other questions please email me and if possible include a picture so that I may better help you. Happy Holidays!

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