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Upcycle your Wardrobe with Crochet! // English and Español

Still wary of taking the plunge into crochet garments? Don't be scared, I've got your back! The answer lies in crochet hacking your wardrobe or your significant other's wardrobe, I don't judge, if you want to put a pom pom border on your significant others shirts, by all means go ahead! Todavía se sienten un… Continue reading Upcycle your Wardrobe with Crochet! // English and Español


Top Tips: Crochet Garments

*Post Contains some affiliate links Hello again fellow crafters! I've had this blog for almost a year now and I realize that I have only talked about my crochet passion in one post! If you follow my podcast on youtube you will have heard me preach about my love of crochet garments. Recently I posted… Continue reading Top Tips: Crochet Garments

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Little Birds Feet //Crochet Pot Holder // Agarrador Tejido

As I wrote to you guys in the previous blog post, I now find myself in possession of a lot of craft cotton that does nothing for my crafty soul or my stitch definition but I didn't want to just chuck it all in the trash. It's still a waste even if I consider the… Continue reading Little Birds Feet //Crochet Pot Holder // Agarrador Tejido

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Crochet Wedding Fail

Hello Fellow Crafters! About one and a half months ago, I was very excitingly chatting to you guys about the wedding favors I was going to crochet. I was determined to make coasters using the sample stitch squares I was sharing with you guys. Mindset "how hard could it be to crochet 400 coasters?" Answer… Continue reading Crochet Wedding Fail


Knitcrate Yarn Review

Hello Everybody!// Saludos a tod@s Today's blog post is extra special. It's my Birthday, and not only did I want to celebrate by drinking mimosas and eating pumpkin cake (my favorite no matter the season) I also wanted to share something I'm very passionate about with you guys. If you have followed me for a… Continue reading Knitcrate Yarn Review

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Free Pattern : Soda Pop Clutch // Patrón gratuito: Neceser Soda Pop

March. March is without a doubt a big month for me! It's my birthday month, good friends were born in this month, EYF happens and my parent's were married during this month. The month of March also happens to be associated with my favorite color, green. To celebrate this month I have crocheted, sewn and… Continue reading Free Pattern : Soda Pop Clutch // Patrón gratuito: Neceser Soda Pop

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Quinto Cuadrado: Betwixt

Saludos a tod@s! Esta semana he tejido un cuadrado con una puntada tan y tan simple, que estoy segura que much@s la habemos creado por error. En vez de insertar el ganchillo en el punto, lo insertamos entre los puntos. Por eso el nombre de betwixt (término en ingles para "entre medio") Y eso es… Continue reading Quinto Cuadrado: Betwixt

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Fifth Square: Betwixt Stitch

Hello fellow crafters, this weeks coaster is so simple, honestly its ridiculously simple and I'm sure many of us have done it by mistake, instead of going through the stitch we go in between.  For that reason I have decided to dub this the betwixt stitch. And that is all folks....   Only joking, I… Continue reading Fifth Square: Betwixt Stitch

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Cuarto Cuadrado: Punto Cumulus

Bienvenidos a tod@s! Esta semana les traigo un tutorial para una Puntada que he llamado Cumulus, me acuerda a las nubes del mismo nombre 😀 Aquí se las presento en blanco y negro para que puedan apreciar la puntada. Gracias a  @inspired_professor por darle nombre a este punto. Cómo siempre el patrón original se puede… Continue reading Cuarto Cuadrado: Punto Cumulus

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Fourth Square: Cumulus Stitch

Warm welcome to all makers! This week we have a photo tutorial for what I am calling the cumulus stitch! Shown here in black and white so you can better appreciate how @inspired_professor cam up with the stitch name. This stitch pattern can also be found in Vogue: Dictionary of Crochet Stitches by Anne Mathews… Continue reading Fourth Square: Cumulus Stitch