Crochet Must Haves

As we tune in to our preferences our crochet must haves can change, but these are our top crochet items. Join Mindnadmusecrafts and I on this tier list. Inspiration At the beginning of the year I did a poll asking for video content ideas. Several of you asked for my favorite crochet tools. While I've … Continue reading Crochet Must Haves

Crochet Picnic Top / SRCAL2023

A crochet picnic top inspired by my favorite Senator Amidala dress. Well, it's hard to choose a favorite but the picnic scene is one of my favorites. Inspiration The theme for this years #srcal2023 was Sci-Fi Romance. Although, at this point I hadn't read any Sci-fi romance, I had seen a fair few. The first … Continue reading Crochet Picnic Top / SRCAL2023

Shell Yea bikini

Shell yea is a collection of two perfectly matching summer patterns designed by Chelsea of KnittingTipsy. No, I didn’t forget the “h” in yeah. Before we get into the ins and outs of today’s blog post. Have you ever crocheted a bikini? I know it’s a popular make for many people but I’d honestly never … Continue reading Shell Yea bikini

Granny Raglan Sweater

Let’s take the iconic granny stitch, but make it into a garment. We now have a granny raglan sweater, easy, breezy and stash-bustingly adorable. Español Inspiration and Design If you are waiting for a very emotional reveal, I must disappoint you. What motivated this design was pure laziness or, perhaps, a better term for it … Continue reading Granny Raglan Sweater

Crochet Terrarium Sleeves / Up-cycle

Exactly what it sounds like! We are taking a blouse and up-cycling it with crochet terrarium sleeves. Inspiration and Design: Español Hello again! A while back I shared a Pinafore Thrift Flip with you and many mentioned wanting to see more up-cycling ideas. I loved that you loved it!  So here I am, once again, … Continue reading Crochet Terrarium Sleeves / Up-cycle

Crochet Thrift Flip / Pinafore

Welcome to a new realm of second hand fashion with crochet thrift flip. Inspiration and Design Who can resist a bargain? Not me, and when that bargain helps me and mother earth. Well, I’m green! Let me take you back to 2021, I know, probably not the most enticing time travel out there but I … Continue reading Crochet Thrift Flip / Pinafore

From Vest to Dress

Turning the yavanna vest from cozy wooly vest to swishy crochet summer dress. Design Inspiration I once received a comment about how (x) person didn’t make my patterns because they didn’t like the colors I chose. But I think the beauty of art is that you chose how you make it. You are free to … Continue reading From Vest to Dress

Stash busting / a pattern round-up

Say hello to my little stash of stash busting patterns... Horrible humor aside, let's round up some patterns. Stash Busting / Stashtober21 What’s in a stash…I tried to come up with a romantic phrase reminiscent of Shakespeare, alas I have failed. If you can come up with one, please let me know. Either way this … Continue reading Stash busting / a pattern round-up