Traje 1960

Como indica el nombre el traje 1960, fue inspirado por la moda de los 1960s y le show "Mi bella Genio" Inspiración y Diseño Si mal no recuerdo, mi apreciación por la moda de los 60 comenzó con la serie de "Mi Bella Genia". Serie, en la cual Barbara Eden usaba los trajes más espectáculares. … Continue reading Traje 1960

Crochet Flower Duster – Cardigan

This Crochet Flower Duster is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wear it with a dress, a pair of jeans or even to the beach! Versión en español - pulsa aquí Inspiration and Design For a while now I have been meaning to design a long cardigan that I would we able to use in … Continue reading Crochet Flower Duster – Cardigan

Crochet A-Line Skirt : Peach Fuzz

Crochet A-Line skirts are a must in your wardrobe. So simple to make and so easy to style. This A-Line skirt is very simple to crochet, all you need to know is how to make hdc stitches and the suzzette stitch, explained below. The pattern is available in both English and Spanish. Hello again! Saludos … Continue reading Crochet A-Line Skirt : Peach Fuzz

Crochet Summer Top – Shield Maiden Garment

A simple but fun crochet summer top made with Bernat Home Maker Dec yarn. For all of you who have visited before and downloaded the pdf, the pattern has been updated! Please read the pattern below Hello one and all! I have finally decided to upload my first ever garment pattern! The design I wanted … Continue reading Crochet Summer Top – Shield Maiden Garment