Fifth Square: Betwixt Stitch

Hello fellow crafters, this weeks coaster is so simple, honestly its ridiculously simple and I'm sure many of us have done it by mistake, instead of going through the stitch we go in between.  For that reason I have decided to dub this the betwixt stitch. And that is all folks....   Only joking, I … Continue reading Fifth Square: Betwixt Stitch

Fourth Square: Cumulus Stitch

Warm welcome to all makers! This week we have a photo tutorial for what I am calling the cumulus stitch! Shown here in black and white so you can better appreciate how @inspired_professor cam up with the stitch name. This stitch pattern can also be found in Vogue: Dictionary of Crochet Stitches by Anne Mathews … Continue reading Fourth Square: Cumulus Stitch

Tercer Cuadrado:”Cluster” de puntos bajos

Bienvenid@s! El tutorial de hoy es para una puntada super sencilla pero super elegante! Se compone de 3 puntos bajos completados en un mismo punto, nada más fácil que esto.   Esta puntada me tiene alucinando con todas las posibilidades. Es simple, elegante, tiene mucha textura. ¿Cuántas cosas no se podrían hacer con esta puntada? … Continue reading Tercer Cuadrado:”Cluster” de puntos bajos

Third Square: Single Crochet Cluster

Welcome to the third stitch tutorial. The single crochet cluster stitch is a simple shell type stitch, only 1 row repeat. Learn how to make the third square:s single crochet cluster in the photo tutorial below. Today's' coaster tutorial is for this super easy but elegant single crochet cluster. Modified square Seriously guys, I'm in … Continue reading Third Square: Single Crochet Cluster

Simple Popcorn Granny Square

This Simple Popcorn Granny Square is perfect for any make, experiment with different yarns to create different textures. Hello Again! Back this week for the second square/coaster I shall be gifting at my wedding. This one is based off a Popcorn Stitch Flower. Materials: Yarn of choice, I am using Lionbrand 24/7 Cotton 4mm hook … Continue reading Simple Popcorn Granny Square

Punto bajo tres hebras / Tutorial

Hola a tod@s y bienvenidos a una nueva serie de tutoriales.  En estos tutoriales les enseñaré a tejer varias puntadas, haciendo cuadrados de 3.5 x 3.5 pulgadas. En este tutorial apenderemos a tejer el punto bajo tres hebras. A esta puntada le estoy llamando punto bajo tres hebras. Desafortunadamente el Vogue Dictionary of Crochet Stitches, … Continue reading Punto bajo tres hebras / Tutorial

Squished Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Learn how to make the squished single crochet stitch, this stitch is full of texture and when crocheted flat looks like braids. Hello all and welcome to a new stitch series! In this series I will walk you through different stitches that I am using to make coasters as my wedding favors. Yes, You read … Continue reading Squished Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial