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Crochet Fascinator how to.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I arrived in Puerto Rico, home. It is amazing how quickly one becomes relearns the ebb and flow of a familiar place. I cannot even explain how soothing I have found my home and the comforts it has provided. Among these have been the beauty of having a… Continue reading Crochet Fascinator how to.

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Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Crochet Journey

Hello fellow crafters! Saludos a tod@s! Last week I was chatting to you about crochet garments and some top tips for crocheting your first garment. Today I shall be sharing with you a tale of great woe, that shall highlight why exactcly knowing yourself is of the utmost importance when it comes to crocheting or… Continue reading Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Crochet Journey

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Little Birds Feet //Crochet Pot Holder // Agarrador Tejido

As I wrote to you guys in the previous blog post, I now find myself in possession of a lot of craft cotton that does nothing for my crafty soul or my stitch definition but I didn't want to just chuck it all in the trash. It's still a waste even if I consider the… Continue reading Little Birds Feet //Crochet Pot Holder // Agarrador Tejido

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Tercer Cuadrado:”Cluster” de puntos bajos

Bienvenid@s! El tutorial de hoy es para una puntada super sencilla pero super elegante! Se compone de 3 puntos bajos completados en un mismo punto, nada más fácil que esto.   Esta puntada me tiene alucinando con todas las posibilidades. Es simple, elegante, tiene mucha textura. ¿Cuántas cosas no se podrían hacer con esta puntada?… Continue reading Tercer Cuadrado:”Cluster” de puntos bajos