SC and DC Thermal Stitch

The Sc and the DC Thermal stitch are perfect for crocheting extra warm garments, home accessories or even accessories in general! There are several stitches that can be used to create a thermal stitch. Today we will be discussing single crochet and double crochet thermal stitch. As the name suggests using the Thermal stitch creates … Continue reading SC and DC Thermal Stitch

Granny Raglan Sweater

Let’s take the iconic granny stitch, but make it into a garment. We now have a granny raglan sweater, easy, breezy and stash-bustingly adorable. Español Inspiration and Design If you are waiting for a very emotional reveal, I must disappoint you. What motivated this design was pure laziness or, perhaps, a better term for it … Continue reading Granny Raglan Sweater

Christmas Sweater Hack

For those of us that wait until the last moment to crochet sweaters, this christmas sweater hack is for you. Español Inspiration and Design My two inspirations for this sweater hack: A gorgeous applique/sweater from Lee Sartori Time Yes, you read that correctly.  I started this project two days before Thanksgiving, which gave me exactly … Continue reading Christmas Sweater Hack

Crochet Flower Duster – Cardigan

This Crochet Flower Duster is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wear it with a dress, a pair of jeans or even to the beach! Updated Crochet Flower Duster 2023 Versión en español - pulsa aquí Inspiration and Design For a while now I have been meaning to design a long cardigan that I would … Continue reading Crochet Flower Duster – Cardigan

Dragon Con, Crochet, Wedding Dress

Hello Lovelies, It has been way too long since I last sat in front of my computer and wrote a blog post for you all. I had so many topics of which to chat with you about and when I finally settled on sharing my brownie recipe with you all, it poofed out of existence. … Continue reading Dragon Con, Crochet, Wedding Dress