Summer Romance CAL

Historical Romance

Who do you Love?


Join Claudia and I for this years Summer Romance Crochet/Knit Along. In 2017 we started what is now our annual CAL to celebrate our love of romance novels. But then we thought… Why not celebrate all romance.

This year, in honor of renewed Bridgerton interest, the theme is Historical Romances. So pick a couple from, a book, manga, anime, movie, tv-show, play, opera, etc; and celebrate their love. As long as you can tie it into the historical romance genre it counts!

What do we define as Historical Romance?

 a genre consisting of books that take place in a historical setting with the developing romance of the main character being the focus.

For example: Claudia is picking Claire and Jamie from Outlander and I’m celebrating Margaret Hale and John Thornton from North and South.

“Summer Loving, it happened so fast.”

Important Dates

June 1 – Ravelry thread opened

June 5th – CAL starts

June 8th – Live with Wecrochet

August 17 – CAL ends


  • Choose your couple and please share with us your inspiration! We love to find new reads.
  • Choose a project to represent your couple.
  • Choose the yarn
  • Start your hooks/needles!
summer romance cal 2022

When and Where

June 5, 2022 to Aug, 17, 2022

Instagram – #srcal2022