Unfolding March

March started out very promising. The creative energy just flowed and I decided to surrender to it and follow my muse wherever it took me. It was a tad uncomfortable to be hit with so much creativity and have it be so scattered on a number of projects. To help with this scatterbrain issue, I … Continue reading Unfolding March

Linked Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the linked double crochet stitch. STITCH DETAILS: Linked stitches are connected to one another through the posts and form a textured fabric with minimal holes. Perfect for garments, socks, cushions, and many more projects. To make a linked stitch you will insert your hook from top to bottom into the horizontal … Continue reading Linked Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Extended Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Learn to crochet the extended single crochet stitch in the round. This stitch is one of my go to stitches for garments and socks. // Aprende a tejer el punto bajo extendido, mi puntada favorita para tejer blusas y medias. Stitch Details: I have been meaning to share a tutorial for this crochet stitch since … Continue reading Extended Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Socks Remade

Vintage Waves Socks remade. Read about the changes that you may have to do when changing the yarn for a sock project. I hope your crafting week has been prolific and relaxing, mine has been very busy, I've been fighting off start-itis (the need to cast on all the projects that have caught your fancy). … Continue reading Socks Remade