Lazy Daisy Stitch / crochet stitch

Written instructions as well as a video tutorial for the Lazy Daisy stitch. Introduction Is the Lazy Daisy stitch it's official name? Probably not. I've only ever come across this stitch in the Vogue dictionary of crochet stitches, unfortunately, this stitch guide does not provide names for any of the patterns. The combination of stitches … Continue reading Lazy Daisy Stitch / crochet stitch

Worsted crochet sock

The worsted crochet sock is an easy sock pattern designed to teach you the basics of crochet socks. Inspiration & Design At the begginingof the year you helped me choose the projects we would work on together. One of them was a crochet sock series. While the Orchard slippers are a good introduction to sock … Continue reading Worsted crochet sock

Thermal Oven Mitt / Crochet pattern and video

Add cottage charm to your kitchen with the Thermal Oven mitts. Crochet these sturdy mitts with cotton yarn and a 6mm crochet hook. Inspiration & Design Last year, with your input, I created the cozy café collection. A crochet collection for your own cozy in house café. I absolutely loved creating the collection but I … Continue reading Thermal Oven Mitt / Crochet pattern and video

Flower Garden Vest / Crochet top

Light and airy the Flower Garden vest is sure to be your go to top for this spring. Inspiration & Design A long long time ago, in an apartment not too far away, I tested a stitch from a Vintage crochet dictionary that I fell in love with and created the Shieldmaiden top. So called … Continue reading Flower Garden Vest / Crochet top

Vest Number 2

Vest Number 2 was inspired by timelessness. I wanted to create a piece that would become a wardrobe staple for my summer months. Inspiration & Design Time, it’s often on our minds isn’t it. How to be more productive, do I have the time for xyz, will this product last the test of time. Time … Continue reading Vest Number 2

Sc V stitch Raglan Top / Part 1

The final installment in our learn the sc V-stitch series is this Sc V stitch Raglan Top . In part 1 we will work the yoke of this crochet top. Inspiration & Design In the v- stitch series we’ve covered how to crochet the v-stitch flat and in the round. Not only did we learn … Continue reading Sc V stitch Raglan Top / Part 1

Galentines Vest

Let's take a walk down stress free lane and crochet a Galentines Vest using Red Heart Granny Square yarn. I bought the color hot stuff. Inspiration & Design This vest started because mom and I wanted to try the Red heart Granny Square Yarn. If you want to hear our thoughts on this Yarn you … Continue reading Galentines Vest

Two color cowl / Stash busting

Keep your neck warm with this snug two color cowl. Crochet in bulky yarn or with those mini skeins you've been saving for 2 years. Español Inspiration & Design This cowl pattern is part of my let’s get to know the v-stitch series. While I have used the v-stitch two design two patterns, the Vintage … Continue reading Two color cowl / Stash busting

Caramelo Top

When you need a sweet little reminder that you are divinely amazing, wear this Caramelo top. Inspiration & Design En español Instead of “ it has pockets”, I feel like singing, it has bobbles! Am I ever getting over the Caramelo top texture, I don’t know. But it’s been 4 years or more. I’m not … Continue reading Caramelo Top

Tips for inserting a crochet sleeve.

I love the structure of a sleeve right at the shoulder, here are my tips for inserting a crochet sleeve. I want to improve my sewing just to perfect sleeve making. In the meantime let me share with you my tips for inserting a crochet sleeve. Perhaps you wouldn’t know it from my designs, but … Continue reading Tips for inserting a crochet sleeve.