Doncella de La Flor

Un top a crochet diseñado para disfrutar del verano. Este top a crochet tiene una banda de un punto flor y un cuello en forma de V. Super facil y rápido de hacer. Para tod@s los que han bajado el pdf, el top ha tenido cambios, favor comparar su pdf con lo escrito aquí El … Continue reading Doncella de La Flor


Crochet Fingering Weight Top : Las Nubes II

Last year I designed Las Nubes, a crochet fingering weight top. Light as a feather and oh so elegant. The top features a pineapple stitch border and a bottom up construction. The Design: Las Nubes was the first pattern I designed with the intention of selling it. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, naive little me … Continue reading Crochet Fingering Weight Top : Las Nubes II

Summer Sorbet Crochet Blanket

The Summer Sorbet Blanket is the perfect summer crochet blanket. No, really. The blanket is crocheted with cotton blend yarns making this a warm but lightweight blanket, perfect for those cooler summer nights. The Design If you have ever watched my podcast you know that while I admire crochet blankets, I have never really tackled … Continue reading Summer Sorbet Crochet Blanket

Understanding crochet socks

This post, understanding crochet socks is meant to guide you through your crochet sock making journey. Crochet socks are really fun to make, don't be intimidated! Up until 3 years ago I was not aware that you could hand make socks. They were just an item of clothing that you purchased to use with sneakers … Continue reading Understanding crochet socks

Endor Moon Crochet Socks

Take a stroll down memory lane with these star wars crochet socks. The Endor Moon crochet socks were designed to appease my geeky side. Using a combination of moss stitch and squished single crochet they are meant to evoke the scene of the Return of the Jedi when the Rebels get taken to the heart … Continue reading Endor Moon Crochet Socks